other party stuff

the birthday signage. printed and cut letters, robot cutouts from craft store painted with letter glued on top.

lots of robots, balloons, garlands and stars around. was bummed i couldnt get any green balloons.. but no one else seemed to mind.

the plates, napkins and juicebot army

oscar blowing out his birthday candles. you'll notice the table is fairly empty. i went easy on the food this year. we heated frozen pizzas, made dessert pizzas (sugar cookie, fruit dip, fruit), and had 'nuts and bolts' (chex mix).

alice's robot diaper, which provided the color scheme. when oscar told me he wanted a robot party, i automatically thought of this diaper. and it gave me a good excuse to buy one! shortly after i placed my order i found out they have the robotronic print in a doll diaper, and i wish i had ordered one for oscar's babies!

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CandidMommy said...

soooooooooooooooooo cute!! I love all of your ideas!! Great party! looked like a blast! You should have told me about your blog forever ago!! (=

and the diaper... yes the robot diaper (= ADORABLE!