2 months

alice at 2 months old

she got upset during her photo shoot and had to be nursed to sleep

sleepy girl

she seems to smile more and more every day. her favorite place to be is still next to me, and she spends quite a few hours every day being worn. in fact, she doesnt nap very well during the day unless she is in a carrier of some sort. sometimes she'll chill out propped up in the recliner - especially in the morning while i round up breakfast for the boys. the boys do all sorts of crazy dances to keep her entertained (and me entertained as well). i think at some point we might invest in a bumbo, because she loves to be sitting upright - but i'm not sure what age those are recommended for.


--r said...

i might be able to get a bumbo for you, if you really think you want one. we returned the one we borrowed so annie could use it.
i think she could use it as soon as she can hold her head up on her own. i remember leaving sam in a bumbo on kate's table at daycare when he was still really little (maybe three months old).

mom said...

the bumbo is in our car. With luck you will have it in a week...