tongue tied

so it turned out that alice (like oscar before her) was born tongue tied. i knew from birth we were having issues with latch, but when i looked at her tongue (apparently not closely enough) while we were in the hospital, it didnt have the heart shape that oscar's had when he was born. so 8 weeks later she was finally diagnosed. and this time around i knew of an excellent dr that specializes in breastfeeding medicine, so off we went! (oscar is still tongue tied - when i asked the dr in town about clipping it when oscar was a baby (because we were having so many breastfeeding issues) he scoffed at me and told me that people dont do that anymore!) here are some photos from alice's frenotomy-

here is a before

and another before picture - can you see how the tongue goes down in the center instead of lifting up?

and here you can see the frenulum

and just a quick snip snip - which takes less than a minute

and then back to nursing, which helps control any bleeding. oscar took these last 3 pictures for me

she still had to re-learn how to nurse, and STILL doesnt latch on right sometimes, but we're getting better at it every day!

alice handled it like a champ and it didnt seem to bother her. i expected there to be at least some extra grumpiness, but she maintained her normal amount of grumpiness!

the ladies at the mississippi breastfeeding medicine clinic were wonderful! i'm so glad i knew about them this time around. head on over to facebook and like their page for great breastfeeding info!


--r said...

oscar's becoming a pretty good photographer. see, he was sneaking around with your camera for a REASON, mom!

CandidMommy said...

Sweet Baby Girl! So glad things are getting better!! (= WTG mama!