springtime camping

we were really looking forward to going camping this spring since we didnt get to do any camping last year. also, we got some new camping gear money from mom and dad for our birthdays and christmas, so we wanted to test out our new stuff! plus it was alice's first camping trip!

oscar, alice and i went the the campground on friday to pick out a site and get some things set up. it's hard finding a site that has room for a tent, but finally we found a nice one.

then alice took a nap just long enough for me to set up the new tent

and then it was oscar's turn for a nap

and later (much later) we had hobo pies by candlelight

we zipped our giant sleeping bags together into a huge family sleeping bag and it was so snuggly! oscar spent most of the night in his wall-e sleeping bag which is made of the slippery stuff, so he slid all over the tent. jeremy tucked him in with me and alice when he left to go fishing in the morning.

we went over by the playground and grilled hot dog and hamburgers for lunch. oscar's favorite part of the trip was probably playing on the playground.

alice and i did some food prep while oscar and jeremy went fishing. mmm... asparagus!

alice spent a little bit of time with jeremy, but most of her time was spent in a baby carrier attached to me!


--r said...

so glad you're posting again.
looks like it was a good trip. wish we could've come too. we don't have camping plans until june or july this year, but we are trying to recruit siblings/cousins this time.

Ang said...

We may be easily recruited :) Just got a new tent.

Jennifer Taylor said...

I love the picture of Alice in the sleeping bag. As we say out here in Utah: oh. my. heck!

And I have to say your camping food looks divine.