menu monday

this week i'm trying to use up some things in the pantry and freezer.

saturday -  fresh tomato basil soup, grilled mozzarella and gouda cheese sandwiches, roasted asparagus. oscar requested grilled cheese, and we ha a ton of bread to use up. the fresh homemade tomato soup was yum-eee

sunday - cajun baked catfish, smoked gouda cheese grits, cool southwestern salad. i guess i was feeling ambitious to try three new recipes in one night.  the catfish was not my favorite - but jeremy said it probably had more to do with the fish than with the recipe. the southwestern salad was ok - i really expected to love it, but i think i was a bit too heavy-handed with the dressing. the cheese grits were AWESOME. i ate the leftovers for breakfast. this used up a big bag of catfish and cleared out some freezer space.

monday - we're invited to a luau today!

tuesday - venison roast with carrots, onions, and potatoes in the slow cooker. i think this is the last of our venison stash.

wednesday - cabbage roll casserole - cabbage roll flavors in a lasagna layout. this will use up a bag of chopped cabbage that's in the fridge.

thursday - rice pasta w/ homemade spaghetti sauce and sauteed mushrooms, spinach salad.  that rice pasta has been in my cupboard for ages! i also already have the sauce frozen.

friday - chicken stir fry. this will use up chicken and veggies in the freezer, teriyaki sauce, and whatever other veggies didnt make it into other meals this week.

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--r said...

your pantry and freezer are a lot more exotic than ours! too bad about the salad. it sounded like it would be good.