Perfect picnic and pictures

A few days before Halloween we had a quick picnic. It was chilly and wonderful!

Peanut butter and honey, cream cheese and jelly, apples, grapes, cheese and pickles. It was a VERY yummy picnic. We also drank my last 3 cans of Vernor's and had some hot spiced cider afterwards.

Afterwards we tried to get a few family pictures, which was a little bit difficult with the tiny tripod I brought. Also a bit hilarious because I was trying to run around trees and stumps to get back before the camera took the picture.

close enough..

We also got a few pictures of Oscar in a tree...

And so Alice insisted she needed to sit in a tree as well.

 Then we went for our nature walk and gathered leaves for doing leaf art.

And before heading home we rolled down some hills.

This was Oscar's first time rolling down hills - I think he's a fan.

That night we also tried out apple nachos - deliciousness!!  

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--r said...

cutest family ever. also funnest.