Bucket List Update!

Here's a picture of Oscar's Halloween lunch (apple smiles, witch fingers, ghost and moon cheese, cream cheese and jelly on whole wheat jack-o-lantern, grapes and candy corn) and a quick update on our bucket list. We've gotten a lot of things done, a lot of them are linked to the related blog posts.  There are a few that don't have their own post, and I'll throw some pictures down below of those. We're not going to make it to the Scottish games this year - boo - but we've had lots of other fun, so I don't feel too bad about it. With our road trip to Ohio coming up in less than a week we won't have a lot of time for crossing things off the list, so I'm glad they are mostly done.  I'm thinking about taking some crafting supplies (though Robyn probably has plenty) to Ohio and making handprint turkeys while we are there if time allows.

Fall Bucket List

Despite carrying the camera and phone around with me all evening, the only pictures of our bonfire/s'mores/dutch oven cooking that I got were these of Alice and Oscar riding in a wagon.

Here's one with actual fire!

And then on Thursday Jeremy was working around here, so he had to cash his check in Waynesboro instead of Mobile. Conveniently, I was just getting done at work in Waynesboro, so he picked me up and we had a mini-date at the ice cream place. We felt adventurous and tried a deep fried Twinkie.

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--r said...

so glad we get to help cross off a few more items next week. i'm so excited! i'm trying to plan meals already. so far i know we'll have chili and pizza. have any requests?