On Halloween night we headed to a few places to trick-or-treat and trunk-or-treat. I got a few more pictures of the kiddos, plus a few of us.

I asked Oscar if I could take a picture with his light saber hanging from this belt, and I think he wasn't sure what to do with his hands.

One of Alice with her hood up. I think this one shows her belt a bit better.

Oscar wanted to pose with Alice.. I wish I could get good pictures right away - by the time they are both holding still they've given up on smiling because they're tired of getting their picture taken.

Jeremy used things he already had and then borrowed a mask from Lane. I'm always glad when he gets some use out of that cloak. Cloak making takes a LOT of fabric.

And I actually had time for my "costume" this year! Pinspiration.

And I had some time to throw on some shimmer, lashes and bold blue eyeliner. Oh how I love to play dress up!!


--r said...

sexiest R2D2 ever.
i bet you were the best costumed family anywhere.

Jeremy said...

WOW!! you are GORGEOUS!!! :D I'm so lucky! I LOVE YOU!!!