cake makin'

danielle requested a yellow cake with butter cream frosting for her birthday, so i found this butterfly cake template to use because she loves butterflies. i thought it was a great template because it didnt waste any cake.. (not that i wouldn't have eaten any scraps)
i didnt purposely buy a betty crocker cake to go with the betty crocker template.. i noticed when i was about to make the cake and thought it was funny.
here's the cake all cut and ready for decorating. i used twinkies (or generic twinkies) for the body of the butterfly.
oscar helped me make the frosting.
we both tested it to make sure it met our butter cream standards
since it was just right, we cleaned up the beaters. this was oscar's first beater licking experience.

he was very upset when it ended.. i cant really blame him.

so i added some colors (immediately regretting the pink and purple and wishing i had gone with yellow and orange) and made a plan of attack
and here we go!
i love decorating cakes because you get to eat your mistakes.
i drew some flowers and wrote happy birthday on the foil.. eating the frosting off of the foil was lane's favorite part.
jeremy was in charge of pyrotechnics. danielle gave her wish a lot of thought.

a happy birthday girl and a happier lane with a frosted twinkie.


--r said...

this is so great. those cakes look wonderful. of course, my favorite part are the pictures of you and oscar testing the frosting and licking the beaters.

did you buy decorating tips and stuff? i haven't invested in any of that kind of thing. i've only made one cake so far, and that was for mike. he wasn't looking for fancy. he likes it simple and tasty - yellow cake and chocolate frosting.


What a lovely color combo on the cake! You r truly blessed...Anyhow, I just published my "Bless=?" contest in my blog, the winner has a great message for all of us I think... let me know what you think... Have a great new week ahead!