lactating breast cupcakes

i thought i'd make some cupcakes to celebrate the last day of training for being a breastfeeding peer counselor.. and what better way to celebrate than booby cupcakes! i used strawberry cake mix for the cupcakes, a fluff cream filling recipe, a recipe of butter cream and this recipe for chocolate frosting. i was originally going to buy chocolate frosting, but waited until the very last minute and the only store open was out! anyway.. tada!

i think if there is ever an occasion to make them again, i might try to decorate them differently... i'm on the fence about the filling recipe too.. but that chocolate frosting recipe was easy and yummy, so it's a keeper.

also.. while i was gone, oscar was staying with his nana and learned how to say 'booby cupcake'.. it's pretty darn cute...

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--r said...

you're too funny! did you take these to training with you? or was it just a treat for the family?

i totally need to show mike these and tell him about oscar and the booby cupcakes!