rain rain go away!

usually i love the rain, but it seems to rain every time jeremy has a softball game. he got completely rained out last night, and tonight only got in 4 innings before they called it. (they won though! yay!!!)


--r said...

how rude. pretty photos though!
do you and oscar get to go to the games?

missy said...

i think we've gone to every game.. i put oscar in the stroller and we sit and watch.. i feel bad having him all cooped up, but he runs off if i dont, so i cant watch the game. the last two games he's been saying 'hit the ball!' it's so cute :)

--r said...

i can't imagine Oscar NOT being cute. i can't wait to see him at christmas. it's going to be so great to have you all up here! i was already thinking about having you over for dinner and stuff and what i could make. of course, if you stay at our house at all, i can make you breakfasts and lunches too :)