camping - night 1

it was around 10ish when we finally made it to the campsite this weekend.. we pretty much had our choice of campsites, so we tried to look around a bit. we ended up getting the same site as our last camping trip in may. besides the fact that 6-9 is my birthday, it's a nice little campsite.

we set up the tent while oscar sat in his stroller and ate a cheeseburger (isnt that horrible? a cheeseburger for dinner at 10?). we thought it was funny how calm and natural he acted sitting there in the woods with his cheeseburger. after we got him cleaned and changed and pajama-ed and sleeping, we unpacked a bit. we noticed that there were TONS of HUGE spiders ALL OVER. i'm normally pretty friendly to spiders, but i felt like i was surrounded.. so jeremy took care of them for me.

after the spider massacre of '08, jeremy made a fire and we enjoyed glowy candles, yummy snacks and spending time alone together.

and of course, there was boggle! jeremy is a very good loser when it comes to boggle playing. for awhile when i was pregnant i had to be the good loser, as my boggle playing skills seemed to suffer. we stayed up until after 4am hanging out.

(boggle photo from a previous boggle night)

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