hello '09

we had a marathon new years celebration this year, here are some of the highlights:

oscar showing off his new year's eve tattoo and lane looking handsome in his new reading glasses.

we had cheese balls. one with nuts and one without. and decorations from last year.

'cept for these beauties. i checked walmart for snowflake lights on sale, but only found stars. i bought a couple boxes and we hung them up for new years.

after dinner, we opened christmas presents and shared some hugs

i bought some glowing fun at dollar tree. we had lots of fun putting on our glowing earrings and such. lane got a glow sword and oscar got a glow wand.

and there was a puzzle, of course. i'll let you know when we finish it up and i get my table back.

we got lane some kind of crayola light thing for christmas.. here he is practicing drawing stars. this is a cool toy.. i played with it as much as he did.

everyone fell asleep while danielle and i were working on the puzzle.

the next morning i made waffles for everyone and we spent new years day working on the puzzle and watching a movie. then we had some black eye peas and turnip greens with cornbread for dinner. mmm.

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