i got a waffle maker from chris, angie, gavin and abby for christmas, so the first meal i made when we got home was waffles! we went all out and picked up some frozen berries, blueberry syrup and cool whip for on top. they were delicious!


--r said...

that looks sooooooooooooo delicious! how much of the berries ended up on oscar's face?

missy said...

it was horrible! i dont know what i was thinking. i guess the lack of sleep had gotten to me, because i gave him berries while he was wearing long sleeves.. oh the mess.. i'm hoping it'll come out. his hands were extra pink for awhile, too.

mom said...

I remember an artist at Hallmark that had sleeve protectors. They were plastic with elastic on the wrist end and covered up to the elbows. Maybe this is a product we could re-invent for kids eating waffles with berries. :-)

If we don't have waffles within the week, I'll be surprised. These look soooooooooooo yummy!!!