i just finished up the things i was making for ninja! yay!

oscar kept asking "whatcha makin'?"

and i'd say "a _____"

and he'd say "for ninja?"

and i'd say "yeah! for ninja!"

saying that over and over kept him occupied for about 15 minutes.

now i'm off to wrap and pack so that monday morning i can ship! i'll post pictures once the package makes it to ohio.

ps. this is my 100th post! woo!


--r said...

heh. that's too cute!
i think we're just going to have to name him ninja... that's what everyone calls him anyway :)

mom h said...

He is just too cute! I wish I could send a hug through the computer, or maybe a 'zurbit'. Do you wonder what Oscar pictures in his head contemplating his cousin ninja?

--r said...

thank you! your package arrived in the mail yesterday! i was going to blog about it, but was being lazy. i bet you've got better pictures anyway. *great big hugs*