whatnots for ninja

i had so much fun making these things for ninja...
i made a reversible leaf bib,
a reversible diaper tote,
and two pairs of booties that match the bib and tote. i had seen this pattern for kimono booties on etsy, and i thought they were super cute... i never ended up buying it, because i found this free tutorial. i made the first pair using the free pattern and then changed the next two until i liked them better. the same seller also had a leaf bib and i thought that was a good idea.

then i found this newborn hoodie in the clearance stuff at walmart... it looked so snugly and ohio statey that i had to get it. i had so much fun making the other booties (it's such a quick project!) that i thought i'd make him some to match his hoodie (and dad's diaper tote).
i hope the booties stay on alright.. i'm going to need some feedback so i know whether or not to keep making them (or if the pattern should be changed some more). i had thought about making some for my favorite breastfeeding clients when they have their babies.


--r said...

thanks again for making all that cute stuff! i'm excited to try it out. i'll definitely give feedback on the booties - once ninja's feet are out of my ribs and ready for little feety coverings. ;)

mom h said...

I think an ankle ribbon could be added if necessary, something that wraps around and ties behind the heel.

These are too cute!