breastfeeding: the gold standard

a little bit about the gold standard conference i attended last wednesday thru friday

the two main speakers were dr jack newman and catherine watson genna. they covered a ton of information and were both great speakers.. (there were other speakers as well...) if i didn't miss oscar and jeremy so much i would have gladly stayed for a month. i'm already excited to go back next year!

kristen and i stopped at an a&w/long john silvers for lunch on the way to the conference. i got a pirate hat for oscar and some root beer for me!

jeremy hid a few love-post-its in my luggage.. this one was wrapped around my toothbrush.

out for dinner at someplace i can't remember the name of.. clockwise: sherry (our district coordinator), peggy, katrina, michele, cherie, denise, melissa, melissa's sons (i just blanked on their names, but my booby cupcakes had them blushing at the christmas party!), sheree, kristen, my empty seat, and lori (who was my peer counselor while i breastfed oscar!). we almost had the whole district, we were just missing christy, sirlene, cindy and anglia.

oscar stayed up late to greet me and get his pirate hat souvenir!


--r said...

i'm really glad you had a good time and learned so much! and especially glad your boys survived while you were gone! yay missy! and yay for the boys!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy was so sweet to leave you notes!