visit wrap up

here are some of the other fun things we did while gramma and grandpa were visiting:

lots of playing with blocks

oscar opened some presents

the men played with tiny ships

father and daughter concocted some low(er) fat sausage rolls

and baklava for dessert


--r said...

i was dying to see some more photos from the visit. mom didn't bring any with her on sunday (!!)
i wish i could've gotten in on the block action. it looks like sparkly fun!
and i'm hoping there is a recipe or instructions (or both) for the sausage rolls.

mom h said...

I made some sausage rolls from the turkey sausage breakfast patties and the philo. 1 filo folded in half lengthwise after spray with canola oil, 1 sausage patty squished into a triangle, folded like a "football". 12 patties to a pound pkg just fit on my cookie pan. bake until browned - 30 min? wasn't counting. The guys really liked them. Dad used HP sauce.