mother's day weekend

we had lots of fun this weekend, starting with lane's baseball game on friday night. on saturday, oscar brought me some flowers that he picked when he was at paw paw's house and jeremy picked up sno cones on his way back from the laundromat! i've been wanting one for weeks now, but they're always closed when we have time to stop.

cotton candy for oscar and jeremy, pina colada for me. mmm.

saturday night we had family game night. we played board games until nearly midnight and it was tons of fun.

i made waffles for everyone - some regular and some whole wheat

on sunday, oscar and jeremy took me on a date. here's oscar getting ready. we drove to hattiesburg to eat.. jeremy stopped along the way and picked me some flowers and i wore some in my hair.

oscar picked chinese food, so we went to a buffet. all the ladies at the restaurant thought he was the cutest with his little tie. oscar loved the fishes at the restaurant... after eating we went to target and i bought some clothes (YAY!!!!) and then stopped for ice cream before heading home. oscar got his very first ice cream cone.. he chose very berry strawberry in a pointy cone.. unfortunately i left my camera in the car and didn't capture the messy fun. after we got home he kept saying 'i want to take you to date' and i told him we had already went on a date and he'd say 'again!' it was a great mother's day!


--r said...

of course the ladies thought he was the cutest! he IS the cutest! i absolutely love the red tie and red hightops combo!
i'm glad you had a wonderful mothers' day. you're a wonderful mother.
do we get a fashion show?
<3 and *hugs*

Anonymous said...

That is TOO cute! What a wonderful Mother's Day!