reading/i need a new camera

jeremy took this picture of me and oscar.. i had been laying in bed reading and oscar decided to get a book and read too.. it was very cute.

my camera is having more and more problems focusing.. i think it's time to start shopping around. i'm not sure where to start... anyone have camera suggestions?


--r said...

what are you two reading?

i bought myself a a finepix J150w recently. it's small enough that i can keep it handy in my purse. it's just a point-and-shoot deal, so not real fancy, but it does what i want - gives me cute photos of sammy :)

Anonymous said...

I got a Canon PowerShot SX110 in October. I like it because it has a 10X zoom, but it's still smallish and it uses AA batteries. Too big for a pocket, though. And it doesn't have a backlight flash setting, which I miss from my last camera (a Nikon CoolPix).