menu monday

let's see.. i don't have any yummy pictures for this week - oops! but here is alice after a bath after being covered in sweet potato - see - food related. i was so hungry for pasta when i made the shopping list this week!

saturday - lemon garlic spaghetti - found this one on pinterest and it was delicious!

sunday - greek chicken pasta - please put gloria's harvest pitted salad mix in there. we didn't know we liked anything besides black olives before trying those - i'm hooked now. yum. i dont think the chicken is necessary in this (jeremy does - of course). but definitely put in some yummy olives!

monday - tuna salad sandwiches and green beans - a quick dinner before a meeting at school

tuesday - spaghetti and meatballs and salad - pasta pasta pasta!

wednesday - sweet potato burritos - had an earlier soccer practice last week, so these got bumped from the rotation. i did cook the beans and get them divided up in the freezer for faster prep time. these might get bumped again since i'll be working wednesday and i'm thinking about doing the grocery shopping that night to save a trip to town.

thursday - jalapeno shrimp and pasta - this one is in a cookbook. i'll try to blog it if it's a success.

friday - pizza and green beans - we're doing homemade pizza this week (oscar's request - he wants to put his basil leaves on it)

saturday morning we'll be headed to a breastfeeding awareness walk and la leche league potluck. i'm thinking about taking one savory and one sweet dish - any suggestions? we have some errands to run afterwards (fabric store! craft store!), so i need something that will get eaten and not go to waste in a hot car! i'm thinking chocolate truffle pie and..........?

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