menu monday

super boring this week - was trying for simple things since jeremy expects to be in birmingham part of the week.

saturday - molasses-orange-glazed-chicken salads.  mixed greens, sliced glazed chicken, tomato, onion, orange chunks, toasted walnuts, homemade croutons and honey mustard dressing.  this was danielle's birthday dinner request and was mmm mmm good.  for dessert we had the above tiramisu layer cake which was SO good. jeremy's mom requested one for her birthday and the whole cake was finished off before everyone left that night.

sunday - tuna salad sandwiches and green beans. snore. (so boring that we almost forgot to eat dinner)
monday - pizza and green beans (oscar's request, of course!)

tuesday - whole grain banana walnut pancakes. these are already done and in the freezer - just need to heat and serve with some bananas. i should have extra cream from the soup, so i may be able to whip up some maple whipped cream...

wednesday - butternut squash and spicy sausage soup.  i took pictures - i think i even arranged them in a blog post... now i just need to finish the post so that you can make some of this. because it's good. really good.

thursday - sweet potato burritos. uh oh - i think i forgot cilantro. i think i need to buy some cilantro in a tube for times like these.  i almost bought some a couple months ago, but stopped after looking at the ingredients.

friday - ???? this will probably be quesadillas - probably tuesday or wednesday night - probably just me and oscar (and alice)

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--r said...

yay! you got to use the cake plate!!
somewhere auntie is smiling (i know i am :))