menu monday

mondays keep coming and all the posts i've been wanting to do just aren't getting done! so here's another menu monday - shopping and meal planning is currently weird.  i'm thinking about switching to a mid-week shopping trip since i've been promoted to lactation specialist and will be working in waynesboro one day a week. it seems silly to drive back a day or two later to pick up groceries if i'm already going to be in town anyway!

saturday - tortilla pinwheels and pringles - this was really a last minute meal of leftovers and junk - but that's ok. we spent the whole day in hattiesburg at the LLL family day breastfeeding awareness celebration and then doing some shopping for halloween supplies.

sunday - toasted roast beef, tomato, and swiss sandwiches with roasted green beans.

monday - veggie burgers on flat buns and sweet potato fries - i forgot to get avocado! boo!

tuesday - pizza and green beans

wednesday - butternut squash and spicy sausage soup

thursday - lemon garlic spaghetti and some sort of vegetable

friday - meatloaf, roasted herbed potatoes and green beans

my co-worker's last day is thursday, and i'm excited to be starting the new job! i love meeting the clients in person instead of on the phone all the time. also, i'll have an office - which means i'll have less work stuff taking up space in my bedroom! yay!


--r said...

congratulations on the promotion!

Missy said...

thank you!

Ang said...

Congrats on the promotion! Sorry I'm so late :(