A few lunches this week -

Leftover pizza from pizza night, carrots, honeydew, almonds and grapes.

GREEN.  Unfortunately the color they are working on this week is orange...  Cucumber, apple, sour straw candy, honeydew, string cheese and PB&J. I put a green post it with purple marker "the HULK was here." He ate it up.

And my favorite this week was ham and cheese sushi sandwiches with his training chopsticks. Carrots and cucumbers, grapes, sunflower seeds, honeydew, and sushi sandwich (flattened whole wheat bread with mayo&mustard, ham, cheese, carrot, cucumber, and spinach.) Everyday I use the big dipper from Planetbox to pack his snack. It usually has some sort of dried fruit/nuts/trail mix. I always worry that he'll feel deprived because the other kids at school buy ice cream and candy, but yesterday he told me he likes what I pack him because it's healthy AND yummy and that the things the other kids eat are bad for you. I don't think I could've asked for a better kid in the eating/food department...

Most of the time I usually pack Alice some lunch in our pink LunchBots so that I don't have to worry about making it the next day when she starts demanding "Dunch! Dunch!". She usually gets the same thing as Oscar. If he gets a sandwich cut into a shape, she is the one stuck with the odd shapes that are leftover. She never complains... though she seems to be pickier than Oscar.  She'll eat cucumbers, spinach, lettuce, carrots, ANYTHING when I'm packing lunches, but when it's time to sit down and eat she isn't a fan of any of those things. I guess they only taste good when mom is trying to cook or pack lunches? 


Anonymous said...

that's a fine lookin' lunch

--r said...

i wondered what happened to the rest of those fancy sandwiches. i'm glad alice doesn't feel abused that she's the leftover eater! it's not always easy being second in line (lucy is finding that out too.)