Inside Oscar's PlanetBox


So here is a bit more about Oscar's PlanetBox, since it's awesome. He's got the rocket magnet set, blue carry bag and the ice pack to go with. There is a elastic place for his napkin and silverware. He loves taking his lunch to school and eating healthy foods to help him grow big muscles. He makes me very proud with some of his food choices, he even said it would be ok if I didn't put a treat in EVERY day.

During summer crafty days I pieced him together some napkins. Mom is worried that they will get tossed in the trash on accident, but since there is no other trash to throw out, I'm optimistic. 

 Here are a couple lunch examples from everyday, not as cool as batman, lunches. I can squeeze a massive amount of fruit and veggies in this, and most of the time it comes back empty. (there were a few times he said he ran out of time because he was talking to his friend, which I totally believe because he loves to talk.. and talk and talk and talk.)

I believe that top sandwich is egg salad on pumpernickel, and then bottom wrap might be orange glazed chicken with veggies. I made some teeny tiny cookies that fit in the treat section, and he loves cucumbers with carrot compartments. Lunch packing is a major time suck in the evenings, but so far we're all loving it (Jeremy included, since I'm packing his now, too).

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--r said...

those look like yummy lunches (i'm totally down with all the fruits and veggies). and i love the napkins!