Tool Party Foods

Since it was a tool theme, all of Oscar's party foods were based on building materials and we built sandwiches.

The macaroni and cheese (Martha's recipe got RAVE reviews) was Elbow Joints, broccoli salad (barely pictured) was Spare Parts, fruit salsa with cinnamon pita chips was Spackle, chex mix was Nuts & Bolts, mini Oreos were Spare Tires.

For sandwich building we had Medium Density Fiberboard (bread), Filler (meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato)

And some glue to hold it all together.

I splurged on some tool cookie cutters and made a couple batches of yummy yummy cookies (I thought one batch wouldn't be enough cookies since the cutters were so large - I was so wrong. Cookie overload!) The sister of awesomeness posted the recipe and made a printable recipe card here. It is a family favorite, for sure.

I also bagged some up so that there would be party favors for the grown-ups as well. 

I'll leave the cake for another day!

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