camping - day 1 (part 1)

oscar woke us up bright and early... TOO early, if you ask me.. we had blueberry bagels with cream cheese for breakfast, which is sort of a treat as it's something we dont usually eat. actually, i dont think we'd had any since the last camping trip, so we decided bagels must be camping food. oscar called them 'beagles'. he also had some 'bana' with his 'beagle'.

after eating breakfast, we got ready to go (jeremy had to put on some pants besides the garfield pj pants he was wearin')...

and went for a stroll to the camp office to pay for our campsite. we also looked around at some of the other campsites to see which ones were good ones.

we enjoyed seeing the signs of fall... or as much fall as we get here in ms..

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