a few highlights

here are some highlights from the rest of mom and dad's visit.

gramma makes the BEST tents and we all have fun playing in them

we celebrate jeremy's 25th birthday with some really ugly (but tasty) cheesecake and homemade ice cream

oscar naps with grandpa

we pack up and head to the scottish games on saturday. we have lots of fun seeing the pipe bands, watching the jousting and sheep dog demos, picking up a couple souvenirs, and eating tons of yummy bad-for-us foods.

jeremy and dad spend the rest of saturday and most of sunday playing a few war games.
(i think jeremy caught the war gaming bug - he was looking up battles online the other night.)
mom and i set oscar up for a little photo shoot for auntie margy's christmas cards.
(i couldnt resist posting this one, but i'm thinking we should have brushed his hair.)

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--r said...

yay!!! i've been dying to see a post on the rest of the visit. it sounds like it was an eventful week! i LOVE your red sunglasses! they're fabu! cheesecake sounds delish (pretty is irrelevant when tasty is involved!)

great photos! oscar is too adorable!