how about it?

so i was going to make a post just to say how much i LOVED these umbrellas that i saw on how about orange. (especially the upper right) but maybe i should just say how much i love jessica jones' blog. she's always got fun crafty stuffs to do, and i love her style and designs. i was heartbroken that i didn't win the apron and bag giveaway earlier this month. tonight we tried out the chocolate cake in a mug that she posted about today. it was very interesting.. jeremy and his mom both finished theirs, but i'd like to try making some changes to the recipe if i make it again.


--r said...
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--r said...

those umbrellas are really cute. i'm always afraid to get an umbrella that i really like, because they always end up getting mangled by the wind downtown.

so what would you do to the recipe? add nuts? marshmellows? raspberry syrup?