turkey time

thanksgiving 2007

it's my turn again to host the thanksgiving festivities. i've only roasted a couple turkeys, so the idea still makes me nervous. allrecipes.com has all sorts of useful turkey tips, but i still have all sorts of decisions to make. to brine or not to brine? to stuff or not to stuff? is it silly to stuff the turkey with bread stuffing like my mom makes when someone is bringing cornbread dressing? there are all sorts of holiday things our families do differently. no mashed potatoes for jeremy's family! it makes me extra excited about going home for christmas and having a pickle tray and three kinds of cranberry sauce.

thanksgiving at danielle's 2006

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--r said...

turkeys scare me too, and not just because they're meat. i'm sure that everything will turn out well.

we're all looking forward to having you enjoy pickle trays and three bowls of yummy, cranberry delight at christmas too! i can't wait to put up my advent calendar so i can officially start counting down the days! huzzah!