thanksgiving festivities

here are some pictures from our thanksgiving

our thanksgiving decorations this year. the tree starts out without leaves and i have a table underneath it where everyone can write what they're thankful for on the leaves and tape them up.

i had prettier paper for the leaves last thanksgiving. i think i need to make a new tree out of something besides paper... it got pretty bent up.

here's the table with some of the food on it. and tom, our thanksgiving turkey. every year i write on the back of a feather the year and who visited and any special notes.

our turkey and turkey carver. i have to toot my own horn on the turkey - it was juicy and delicious! and jeremy did a fabulous job of carving it.

here is oscar eating his turkey dinner and sleeping after pumpkin pie

danielle giving aaron his first real thanksgiving dinner (he was too itty bitty last year to eat it). since the grownup sweet potato casserole had pecans on it, i made a little one with marshmallows for the two boys that arent allowed to have nuts yet. jeremy filling up a plate. we got big plates this year.. last year he needed two plates.

oscar visiting with his nana and his auntie

oscar visiting with aunt janie. she let him wear her necklace most of the day. he was also wearing nana's watch. and aaron visiting with aunt janie.

jeremy's dad falls asleep on the floor at every gathering we have. i have pictures to prove it. this time was particularly amusing since he was between the furniture and the wall.

now we're off to find a christmas tree!

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--r said...

everything looks wonderful! you're such a good hostess. i love the tree and leaves idea. how many people did you have in your little apartment?