tis the season to be eating pumpkin bread

last week i noticed the pumpkins were on sale for $1, so i picked one up to make yummy treats out of. so far i've made pumpkin bread. jeremy said it was the best pumpkin bread he ever had, and he didnt even get any hot out of the oven. (and it didnt even have nuts in it!)

i've still got about 5 cups of pumpkin left in the freezer, but i just couldnt help myself when i saw the big display of pumpkins still on sale for $1. this beauty was sitting right on top.

and it rang up as a penny! anyone have any pumpkin recipes i need to try?

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--r said...

that looks delicious. i haven't tried any pumpkin recipes lately, as mike is not a fan of unconventional vegetables. if you find any good ones, feel free to post the recipes!