christmas lights

tonight we braved the cold weather (some places of business were closed today because of the CHANCE of snow) and went to see some christmas lights. we stopped at the gas station for hot chocolates and coffees all around. i discovered that you can get lemon juice in a packet.. like ketchup.. how crazy is THAT?
then we sang along with john denver and the muppets on the way to the display. when we got there they didnt have the lights on (boo!) so we found another place.. we got out and walked around. there were all sorts of crazy things like dolphins with santa hats and pink flamingos.
i'm not sure if you can tell, but there is a dolphin and a pink flamingo.. that green thing in front might possibly be a palm tree, but i cant remember.
here are oscar and lane by santa on a tractor.
aaron, danielle and lane at the north pole.

me and oscar by the snowman family.
here is jeremy wrestling oscar. he was SO grumpy today (oscar, not jeremy). he threw his biggest fit ever in the dr's office this afternoon. oscar now has ear infections in BOTH ears. i cant wait until he feels better.


--r said...

being sick sucks. i was probably equally grumpy last weekend when i had to miss gavin's party. oscar has my sympathies and you and jeremy get props for having patience.

ma said...

"House Recipe" lemon juice. How very odd.I thought the recipe for lemon juice was to get a lemon and squeeeeeze it.