remember that chocolate cake in a mug i posted about awhile ago? well, i was in need of something chocolatey delicious this evening, and decided to try it again. this time i threw in some chunks of unsweetened chocolate from the bar in my fridge and a nice big glop of caramel sundae topping. i also didnt cook it the whole 3 minutes.. it was MUCH better. oscar and i ate the whole thing and we were both sad when it was gone.

here's a picture of oscar being sad.. not from a lack of chocolate cake, but because daddy left and didnt take him. tshirt from of gramma and grandpa, hairstyle by auntie danielle.

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--r said...

poor oscar. he sure knows how to look heartbroken! i hope ninja doesn't get so distraught when mike leaves - especially since he can be gone for days... yikes!

i need to find out where mom and dad got that t-shirt!