missy's favorite baby stuffs - baby carrier

this snugli baby carrier was a HUGE help. it was one of jeremy's presents the christmas before oscar was born. when oscar was little he didnt want to sit in the car seat while we were in the grocery store, but he loved riding around with mommy or daddy. we used it every time we went grocery shopping. the baby can be put facing towards you before he can hold up his head. then once he can hold his head up he can face out and look around. once he can sit up you can use it as a backpack. i've walked around town a bunch of times with aaron on my back and oscar in his stroller. after about an hour with a 23lb kid on your back it does get a bit uncomfortable, but think of all the things you can get done in an hour..

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--r said...

this is TOTALLY on my list. i'm guessing there's no better all-terrain vehicle than riding on a parent :)
plus, those baby carrier/carseat things look heavy to tote around, and strollers look like a pain to tote too!