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booby cupcakes

monday was the christmas meeting/party for work. after many requests, i whipped up another batch of booby cupcakes for the occasion. these turned out a lot more realistic looking than the last batch, but also took some extra time. they were a big hit.. they got a bigger reaction this time around, possibly because there were more hard-core pro-breastfeeding people there. there were none left by the end of the party.. several people wanted to take one home to show their family.

we played dirty santa and i got this ring, isnt it cute? i'm glad no one stole it from me.

after the party we finished up the christmas shopping and i looked for a coat.. and looked and looked and looked. i was ready to head home, but i stopped at one more place and found this coat. its not exactly what i was looking for, but its close enough. it also happens to be a JLo coat.. danielle and i were joking about my JLo coat and Hilary Duff glasses.

oscar and i also ran into santa while we were in the mall. he really liked talking to santa and didnt want to leave.

now i've got to finish up a few projects i'm working on for christmas, and wrap wrap wrap! (and pack pack pack!)

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--r said...

cute coat. i'm jealous. i wish i could fit into cute stuff!

love the photo of oscar too. i'm glad he wasn't scared of santa. hope he's feeling better.

i can't wait to see you! i'm glad i don't have to be packed by friday. i'm sooooo unorganized this year.