last weekened

our tree is decorated and our stockings hung

we've been busy busy lately, as always. on saturday, jeremy and oscar packed up and went to hang out with noah and jenna. they watched some football and visited most of the day. i spent most of the day wrapping presents and had very sore shoulders by the time they got home.

here are some of the presents i've wrapped so far. i'm packing up ones that are coming to ohio with us

that night nana came and slept on the futon so that jeremy and i could leave bright and early for the saints game. we drove to a friend's house in mobile and then carpooled to new orleans. the game was lots of fun. i'm not a fan of watching football on tv, but i really liked going to the game. we got some red beans and rice for lunch and i had some cotton candy, too. i also made sure to clap for whoever the guy was from ohio state.

that night oscar woke up acting funny. he was shaking and his heart was racing and it didnt sound like he was breathing good, so we drove him to the hospital to have him looked at. it's just an ear infection... he's been taking medicine and being grumpy. here's a picture from today with his sick eyes. he looks so pathetic :( of course the bruise on his head doesnt help...

tomorrow we're doing some christmas shopping with nana, dr appts for aaron and oscar, going to see christmas lights and making more boobie cupcakes!

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