blueberry time

this evening we drove down to pawpaw huey's (oscar huey jones jr.) house to check on blueberries. there weren't a lot ready, but we managed to get about 10cups and still left a lot on the bushes. we had lots of fun and now i get blueberry pie for my birthday!! (which is a good thing because i already bought some ice cream for on top of it). i feel a bit guilty at my luck because i know robyn is the real blueberry pie fan in the family.

here are the yummy blueberries

and the not so yummy stink bugs. these bugs are the reason jeremy wont eat cucumbers.. he says that's what they smell like

oscar was very good at picking blueberries when he found them in reach

of course he ate every single one he picked... (and quite a few that we picked, too)

he also picked me a flower. he loves to pick flowers for his mama.. i'm so lucky!

here they are trying to get some high-up ones. we thought about taking the step stool if we pick more next weekend. i'd like to get a nice supply in the freezer for muffins and pancakes and such.


--r said...

mmm... blueberries. it's hard to improve on fresh blueberries - but pie with ice cream might win.
have you all read "blueberries for sal"? that's what your description of oscar reminds me of.
and the flower picking reminds me of YOU :))

mom h said...

Wow! tall bushes. Jeremy would be amazed at the size of the Blueberry bushes in Maine - The tall ones might come up to his knees.

Yes, a boy who picks flowers for his mama is certainly a chip of the ol' block! In fact I was outside yesterday watering our baby grasses and realized that Grampa J's "Our Pearl" rose is so amazingly full of blossoms and said to myself that if Missy were home, there would be some in a vase.