father's day

well, the reason i started making myself an apron was because i had secretly been working on one for jeremy and i accidentally left a pattern piece sitting on the desk screaming "CHEF'S APRON POCKET". i had to throw him off the scent, so i made one for myself. but i also made one for jeremy and one for oscar as a father's day present..

here they are trying on their aprons - i need to take up jeremy's neck strap

posing with grilling utensils..

i also made a heath bar cake as seen on designmom. they didnt have a small jar of butterscotch topping at the grocery, so i used caramel. i also used extra candy bars.. mmm. jeremy says it's the best cake in the whole world and i might have to agree. we keep trying to come up with excuses to make another. yesterday he said 'hey! it's sunday! we should make one of those cakes...'

this is about how we all looked while eating the cake..


--r said...

how fun! i love the photos of your models, and especially the after photo of oscar. jeremy is right - celebrate your sundays! :))

Jennifer Taylor said...

Madison LOVES this cake also. I think Sunday is a good enough reason to celebrate.