breastfeeding classes

i finally remembered to take my camera to one of our breastfeeding classes...

here is kristen (wayne county's lactation specialist) with our snacks. i made a batch of boobie cupcakes. i think we need to start serving healthier snacks at our classes.. i think maybe i'll make muffins next time... any suggestions for healthy goodies?

and here are the tables set up and kristen with aiden. we found aiden at walmart in a mangled box with the bottle ripped out of the packaging. since we didn't want the bottle anyway, kristen asked if we could get a discount on him and i bought him for $8. i made him a new outfit. now that i'm thinking about it, it'd be nice to have a baby doll for each person to use so we could do the positions together...

i like this table setup.. we can fit 9 people (plus us) at the tables and it's informal and good for group discussion. for our game at this class we had a box with all sorts of different things in it. we passed the box around and each person would pull something out and tell how they thought it related to breastfeeding. (such as: play money = saves money, syringe = breastmilk provides baby's 1st immunization against disease, garbage bag = breastfeeding leaves a cleaner environment.) it was lots of fun and they came up with some really good answers that i hadn't even thought of.

since world breastfeeding week is in august and our next class is in august, i'm trying to come up with some extra fun ideas for that class. we usually give a tshirt as a prize for our game, so i ordered this one.

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