happy birthday, scotie!

kristen's middle kid, scotie, turns 5 tomorrow guess i should post about her tinkerbell bday party. she's such a sweet little girl.. likes to hang out with adults instead of kids.. always greets me with a hug... and says she wants to be a breastfeeding doctor when she grows up!

we arrived a bit early.. i was hoping to beat most of the guests so that oscar didnt get scared like last time

scotie wore a special tinkerbell costume that her grandma brought down from wisconsin

she got two tinkerbell cakes. kristen's mom made this one.

kristen mentioned that scotie would love a breastfeeding tshirt from noodle soup, but i didn't see any in her size that i liked. i got a little purple (her favorite color) tank top with a cute ruffle on the top and made an iron on for on it. it had the international breastfeeding symbol and said 'future breastfeeding doctor - dr. scotie'

fun with the sprinkler and slip&slide - oscar didn't care for the slip&slide, but loves a good sprinkling

oscar trying to figure out how this sprinkler works...

oscar in all his arm flapping glory.. we weren't sure if he was trying to fly or trying to swim, but he kept putting his arms up like this and flapping his hands up and down.

worn out! he zonked out shortly after getting on the road

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mom h said...

He reminds me so much of Pete.