$3.99 well spent

friday evening i got a phone call about doing my first home visit (!!) so i called jeremy to see when he would be home and while we were on the phone the honda died! (again!). so instead of doing my first home visit i had to head to mobile to rescue jeremy. actually, i got almost to citronelle and he called to tell me he fixed his car (with a (pink) pipe cleaner!) and was headed home. i decided to go to citronelle and wait for him there in case he had problems along the way, but he made it fine! i found some maternity work pants and a few other things at the thrift store (score!) and jeremy found this nascar steering wheel thingy for $3.99. it is supposed to hook up to a computer, but we didnt even bother with that because oscar LOVES it. then we went to subway for dinner (mmm.. veggie delite with sweet onion sauce - my fav). oscar lucked out - i got him chocolate milk.

he drove home with his steering wheel and honked at daddy a lot (we were following behind in case of more car troubles). i thought it was hilarious to see him driving along with his brown mustache! he's loving the steering wheel and has been taking us all for rides in the car (living room).

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Ang said...

Man Abby would be so jealous of that "driving wheel," and that chocolate mustache.