hummingbird cake

for our unbirthday cake i made a hummingbird cake using this recipe (i think). if it wasn't that recipe, it was almost exactly the same. i think i used some applesauce in place of oil. it was very very yummy and i definitely weighed more at my next prenatal visit. it's frosted with cream cheese frosting with swirls on top and pecans pressed around the sides. i think i'll be making this again, but need to come up with an occasion for it first.

draw!pilgrim also had printable recipe cards for hummingbird cupcakes and printable cupcake papers and toppers! i already had my heart set on a layer cake with candles though..


ang said...

I found an occasion...It's Weds.

--r said...

is that an actual cakestand? i've been thinking that you needed at least one of those. if anyone needs a cakestand, it's missy!

Missy said...

nope, just a bowl and a plate i had around. i should have hot glued them together because it almost ended in disaster!!!