last weekend we headed over nana's house for a cookout. it kept threatening to rain, but held off until later in the evening.

i finally took a few pictures of the garden that jeremy worked so hard on (you know.. now that its overgrown and not making us any fruits and veggies....)

all i did was the signs - we dug around the yard and found scraps of wood to make all of them with.

and here is the humongous watermelon from the garden. i'm not really sure that you can fully appreciate the size of it from this angle.. i should have taken a picture of it while we were tripping over it in the kitchen for weeks.

the boys ended the evening with a dip in the pool while it was dark and raining. danielle and i sorted some baby clothes - there are still tons that haven't been looked through, but i may as well wait until after the next ultrasound to look anymore.

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