date night!

oscar was pretty upset about jeremy going out of town this week, and i needed to make a trip to hattiesburg, so i figured we'd stop somewhere quick to eat and call it a date night. BUT... after buying what i needed at michael's, there just happened to be a little carnival going on right outside in the parking lot!

what are the chances? on a tuesday? i was tempted to spoil our dinner with a funnel cake, but instead oscar rode the two car rides they had.

and then we went for pizza at chuck e. cheese's! this was oscar's very first time ever going to chuck e. cheese's and he is now in love.

he pretty much loved everything with a steering wheel - especially this school bus.

and i loved pictures for $.25 a pop.

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Ang said...

I love those pictures too. I have a stack of them from Gav's very first time and so on...Abby has never been, it might mean a trip to see Chuckie :)