dinner pancakes

so a couple weeks ago robyn sent me an email with the link to these dinner pancakes. i thought it sounded a bit strange at first.. what's a dinner pancake? i NEVER make pancakes for breakfast or lunch... they're alway dinner pancakes! but these sounded yummy, so they went on the grocery list. i doubled the recipe because my pancake recipe made tons of pancakes (something like this - but without the sugar, nuts and bananas) and used a large zucchini and some broccoli. i ran out of room in my two cups of veggies - i was hoping to add some carrots. they were pretty good. jeremy thought they were FANTASTIC, i was a bit so-so because i kept expecting them to taste a bit more like potato pancakes for some reason, and oscar wasn't very impressed (but maybe they'll grow on him). so i was thinking about doing some sort of potato/dinner pancake hybrid. doesn't that sound wonderful?

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