shower invitations

ok, so i really wanted to just print the names on the envelopes and be done with these, but that's not really how it turned out. either my printer just isnt so good at envelopes or there is some trick to it that i can't figure out. so i made little labels, which i guess is cuter anyway...

i printed these seals for on the back, but the flap goes so low that it looked better just as an accent.

i really liked the invitation i posted in my inspiration board dealy, so i sorta went from there with these. that umbrella part folds down....

and then there is a sheet of rain. (how many of my co-workers do you think will notice that the bottom flap looks rather breast-like?)

and then it opens up again with the information on the inside. the more i look at the inside the less i like it.. but they are done and stamped and that's good enough for me right now!

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