my stash so far

so we've decided that this baby around we're going to give cloth diapers a go. i think that if i had internet access when i was expecting oscar he probably would have ended up in cloth as well - since the internet seems to be the only place around here that you can learn about and buy cloth diapers. it's slightly terrifying to jump into this because of the lack of in-apartment washer and dryer, but maybe not as terrifying to me as the thought of landfills overflowing with poopy plastic time bombs.. ew.

so this is what i have so far. i'm adding to the collection a little bit at a time... since most of these are a cover with various absorbent innards, the covers get more than one use per day (unless they get pooped on..) so in theory, this should be about 20 diapers if you count inserts and prefolds instead of covers.

these ones are flip one size covers. in theory they will fit the baby from about 8lbs until potty training. i got two different kinds of inserts to try out - organic cotton on the left and stay-dry on the right. from what i read, most one size diapers wont fit right away, so these might have to wait a few weeks to be used.

and then i have two little gpants because they are just SO darn cute. SO CUTE! i have the gcloth inserts to go with them and there is also a disposable (flushable, compostable) insert that can be used with these.

and this is an option that is supposed to work with a newborn. prefold diapers and a (cute) cover. and instead of pins i bought two snappis diaper fasteners because diaper pins scare me.

and then the last ones in the stash are two one size pocket diapers i got for free with a coupon code at kelly's closet. we'll see how they work.. i'd really like to have a few one size fuzzi bunz in my stash, so maybe that will be next on my list!

anyway... cloth diaper research has been occupying a lot of my time (and brain), so i thought it should be mentioned on here. plus i had all the diapers out because i was showing kristen some options and helping her with a diaper registry.

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Lauren @ Hobo Mama said...

Hey, look, I finally wrote that post on doing cloth diaper laundry in an apartment that I said I would! Only took me several months — yea, me! Ha ha ha.


Hope it helps at all!

Your stash looks gorgeous. I'm jealous!