32 wks

here we are at 32 weeks already! it's been going really fast and really slow all at the same time. been having lots of pregnancy aches and pains, but the midwife said that besides a muscle relaxer (which she knows i wouldnt take anyway) there's not much to do besides ice packs and rest. but there's so much to do! my schedule has been pretty packed with boys, crafting, and work, but hopefully once christmas is over i'll get a little breather before last minute preparations for baby.

i'm hoping to spend some time on the baby's sweater as soon as christmas is over with. so far i have two front panels finished. i also have this baby bedding which i love, but dont plan on using a crib with this baby. i'm hoping to come up with some ideas for repurposing it.

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--r said...

cute dress! cute bump too!