making christmas - rice heat therapy bags

next up i made some rice heat therapy bags for auntie margy and nana.

i was hoping to use purple fabrics for auntie, but dont have much purple in my stash. i actually bought some purple fabric and then returned it because it was just too ugly (i also did this with some cars fabric). i used this tutorial and it was a pretty quick project. there is also a link to printable tags for your bags.

my neck and shoulder have been so sore lately, i'm hoping i get a chance to make some of these for myself! the small bag is filled with flax seeds and fits neatly in a quart size freezer bag for storage in the freezer. i didnt put them in the freezer to test them out, but since i filled them up with flax seeds that i store in the freezer, i know they get nice and chilly!

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